Welcome to ProjectHTPC, your HTPC and Media Center Guide.  The information supplied on this website will help you to setup and configure your Home Theater PC (HTPC).   We have tried to keep things simple, with easy to follow instructions.  The idea is to show you what you can achieve with a HTPC, point you in the right direction about the right kit to purchase, and develop a community of people to share ideas, learn and discuss the world of home theater.

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The aim of this website is to bring together like minded people interested in building and maintaining a HTPC or Media Center, as they're otherwise known. 

This is an area which is developing fast and becoming more popular, this means HTPC configurations will often change and improve over time.  Also factor in that people have different requirements and funtionality they require from a HTPC.  There lies one important benefit of a HTPC, you can tailor the build to meet your needs. 

It is therefore difficult to have a one stop ultimate build to suit everyone.  But what we can do as a community, is show and discuss our projects to help others.  This in turn will offer everyone ideas how they can overcome problems with thier own projects and improve them as technology progresses.

This is the concept behind Project HTPC, and we hope you find the site useful. 

So, join in the community and show us your Project HTPC!